Saturday, February 4, 2012

stories about Ruben (Abu Bakr) how he became a muslim..


Ruben said in his talk..:

"One night I decided to really trying get this spiritual mood happening..
and I am sure probably some of you had heard this story before,so I apologize..
I lit the candle,I had the window open,I had the curtain strung,and I was trying to get that really spiritual feeling..
It was a nice summer night in Melbourne,summer that can get u heaven..

And I was sitting there and I thinking this is it....
u know,this the night,I have been....
u know...
investigating all the spiritual proofs,about the fact mountain of the piths about..
you know the embryo develop inside the women..
all this amazing proofs,but I still needed that little push..

It was like I was at the edge of the cliff..
I was ready to jump,I just needed the push..
So I was sitting there,sitting quiet..
I was reading Quran,I stopped..

I said..
Allah,this is my moment..
This is the time i'm about to jump into Islam..
all I need is a sign,just a little sign..
nothing huge,maybe a bolter blightly..
You know,maybe..
the house could fall down or something you know..
Something just small,small for You man,You created this..
come on..

So I sat there waiting for the candle to start lighting up to from mating high like in the movie..
Then I say OK...GO.


And Subhanallah nothing,absolutely nothing happens..
So I sat there and I said..
Allah,this is Your chance..
I'm here,i'm no going no where..
I'll give You another chance,Ok maybe You busy..
You know daytime over the other side of other world..
all of the stuff going on..
maybe this time I could just leave kaabah flooring..
You know,something small..

aah,the candle..lets forget that..
I do where could find that,so I don't care..
just anything,so I say ok,GO..


and subhanallah,absolutely nothing happens..
and I mean I couldn't even said urr...
that was it,that creep that was sat on the wall,that was it..
Absolutely,nothing happens,I was really dissapointed,I was gasses..
I was sitting there,this is it..
You know,this was my last chance,Islam...
and I really,I haven't found it..

I put back the Quran,and turn back to where I was reading..
Subhanallah,the very next verse,on the next page..

'..For those of you who ask for the signs,have you not shown for your reading..
look around you,look at the star,look at the,look at water..
these are the signs for people of knowledge..'

praise to You ALLAH..

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