Saturday, April 9, 2011

~siblings of the heart~

i'm so grateful to Allah, being with all of them..
Alhamdulillah, i've changed a lot since i knew them..
though sometimes their advice might hurt me..

my friend once told me..
"Someone that is very dear to you might be the one who always make you hurt..
but it's just for your own good right ?? "

when I heard it for the first time..
I highly doubt about it..
but when I was in such circumstances..
I began to realize that their advice was not that they wanted to hurt me
or that they hate me..
they did all of this because they want me to be what Islam wants me to be..

i've had a hole in my heart for many years..
but somehow being here..
its slowly started to heal..
yeah i know..
i realize..
i may not be good as them..
as smart as them..
as strong as them..
but in my heart..
i discover i'm a part of them.. :)

i miss all of ya damn much !

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ijlal said...

alhamdulillah.. :) ..ingt2 kan lal jugk di sini